Saweetie on Her Champion Campaign, the Grammys, and ‘Euphoria’

icyDuring a call from Zoom, Saweetie may be wearing a black sports bra and leggings, but she’s all very glamorous: her caramel auburn hair and bangs are silky and smooth curls at the tail; her gold necklace and necklace catch the light; After that, her long green fingernails will flash on the screen as she talks. She’s almost ready to start talking — but first, she puts on a coat of MAC lip gloss.

This perfectly balanced combination of sport and cool is the project for Saweetie’s new campaign with Champion: the iconic sports brand, ubiquitous from the gym to streetwear, Join forces with an artist known for her icy sensibilities. But Saweetie (born Diamonté Harper), is sportier than you might think: she’s a former track and field star with a love for volleyball and even rollerblading. “On my 13th birthday, I had a big skating party,” she recalls, chewing gum.

Coming in the middle of Women’s History Month, the Champion campaign featured a diverse group of 12 female athletes — dubbed the Champion Circle — alongside the rapper in the brand’s latest productions. Saweetie’s previously released song “Get It Girl” was the soundtrack for the commercial and also inspired its name. On top of that, Saweetie was also named the brand’s first Global Culture Consultant.

Saweetie made even more appearances; she said that she has been coming to the set a lot lately. “I just rented out an entire building. So I have about seven rooms to record,” she said casually. She also noted that she already has a palette ready for her long-awaited album, Pretty Bitch Nhạc Music, but she won’t reveal it just yet. “You can’t share anything these days or other people do it,” she laughs.

In the meantime, she’s looking forward to the Grammys in a few weeks — she’s been nominated for two awards including Best New Artist. Saweetie is excited, but her vision of the dark is still coming together. “We’re really finishing it up this week, so I definitely have to start thinking about it,” she admitted. Maybe this outfit won’t involve leggings, but we can count on serving Saweetie, as always.

Here we talk more about her impressive sports background, her passion Happiness character and admission.

How’s the partnership with Champion going?

Things honestly started in high school. I used to wear their clothes a lot during my practice. I run, I play volleyball, I hit dough, so it’s always on me, but now that I’m on the campaign trail and now I’m officially the new Global Culture Consultant, it’s like like a dream come true, because I love to create, I love sports, I love fashion. Honestly, it’s the perfect match for me.

What can we expect from you as a Global Culture Consultant?

Lots of icy aesthetics, lots of brand new ideas, along with some familiar female sports faces, because I’m actually a huge advocate for women in sport — especially with My sports background. I love that I am part of something very positive and empowering.

Who are some of your favorite female athletes?

I just watched King Richard. So I love Serena and Venus [Williams]. Their stories are truly inspiring and the fact that they’re from the West Coast, I think they’re definitely my favorites.

Of all the sports you’ve played, have you ever tried tennis?

I played recreationally in elementary and middle school, but I am a volleyball lover. I wish I could play [tennis]. I wish I was more passionate about tennis because you can be anyone tall in tennis. In volleyball, you have to be a little taller to get a full scholarship with the school’s D1 block.

Does that mean you are a libero?

No, I’m an external attacker!

Oh okay!

I had a 25 inch vertical, so I definitely jumped for it.

Incredible. I played volleyball for a year in high school and it didn’t go well. I am a settler.

I love the setup! Setters, it’s the sexiest position on the court. Because I like the locator that can be placed backwards. Oh man, it’s like the best part of volleyball.

This campaign is all about women’s empowerment, which you do regularly, especially with Champion Circles. What does female empowerment mean to you?

To me, it means a community of women supporting you. I think that’s the starting point of it. And the women who support me are the women in my family, my friends, the women on my team. It is important [that] We exchange energies of love and support.

Recently, you posted a photo of your mother on Instagram. How has she supported you over the years?

Girl, love is difficult. Tiger mother. But I think her parenting style made me a really tough and persistent type of young woman. So I know that she always wants the best for me and comes from a loving place, a nice place. Lots of cruel love.

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Yes. Is it ever weird to see the Internet go crazy over your mom?

No, because at school they would go crazy for my parents, ever since I was a kid.

So you get it now. “Get It Girl” is at the forefront of this campaign and is a great fit. When did you first write the song?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I just wanted something very confident, but very cold. The song is laid-back, but has a lot of confident vibes throughout the bars.

It is also in an episode of Not safe. Did you watch last season?

I haven’t watched the previous season, but I definitely watched the first three seasons.

Are you Team Lawrence?

[Flips her hair in a dramatically slow fashion, frowns, and clicks her teeth]

Is not? Then who?

I’m Team Issa.

Team Issa by all means. Speaking of female empowerment, I love how you’ve collaborated with other women in the hip-hop field for some of your recent songs. There was “Best Friend” with Doja Cat, “Closer” with HER and “Back to the Street” with Jhené Aiko. Why is it important to you to connect with other women in the industry and what energy do you get from these collaborations?

For me, it’s not really a matter of “important”, but just respecting them. Intention is never an angle of, oh, I have to show empowerment to this woman. It’s more than one, Oh. I really love this woman. And I enjoyed working with her and hope we can make this miracle. I certainly feel like some people use women’s empowerment as a strategy, but for me it’s a way of life.

It is natural, not forced.

Sure. It’s just second nature to me. I come from a village full of loving women. So I definitely don’t do it for self-branding. I do it because it’s just my way of life.

I want to talk specifically about “Closer”, since it just came out last month. Also, as a Filipina, I’d love to see you collaborate with HER. What’s it like working together?

HER is definitely one of my three favorite artists I’ve ever met. She’s really cool, down to earth and flying like hell. I love spending time with her on set.

She seems super cold.

Yes. But it was a confident feeling. She is really addicted.

How does the concept of flight attendants come together in the video?

Hanna Lux [Davis] put our brains together… but I really just want to fly two women around the world.

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Your Closer to Euphoria skating party last week with Jack Daniels looked fun. Have you always loved skating?

Yes, I’ve been skating since I was six years old. I can skate very fast. I need to learn how to slide backwards. But for me, skating is like therapy. It feels so free.

Given the name of the event, I have to ask if you watched it Happiness.

I love and cherish Happiness!

You do!

Yes, girl! I won’t take it just to get it.



Are you particularly related to any of the characters?

I love Maddy. I love Kat. And then there’s Kat’s boyfriend… I feel so bad for him. Poor baby. He is a loving guy. When she broke up with him, I just wanted to give him a hug. I feel so bad for him.

However, he actually redeems himself in the episode.

He did, he did. He’s a great actor.

Would you like to play a cameo one day?

I like so much!

Besides acting, fashion and music, do you want to break into any other field?

Definitely teaching at USC. I’m a guest speaker — I just love contributing to the kids. They really care. And I have to make sure that my schedule allows me to become a full professor. But whether this year or next, I definitely find myself teaching a class.


Branding, aesthetics, marketing. The new way, the millennium way, the Gen Z way, on social media. [Because that] has changed a lot of professions and businesses.

The Grammy Awards will take place in a few weeks. Do you remember the exact moment when you heard you were nominated?

Yeah, I’m actually sleeping. I didn’t know they were coming the next morning, so I woke up with lots of missed calls and congratulatory texts. So I think it’s a moment in itself, and I’m grateful to be recognized.

What do you hope to do if you win? What would an icy Grammy celebration look like?

I would probably pour something in there and drain the cup. [Laughs.]

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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