Review of rechargeable mosquito repellent Thermacell E55

Me and my family love nothing more than spending time with wonderful things out side. Whether it’s a basketball in the driveway or an outdoor movie night in the backyard, we aim to be outdoors whenever possible – that is, until sunset and mosquitoes fly away. each herd. There’s really nothing that can ruin a lovely summer meal with family and friends on the patio like warding off bugs from your food and body, all while trying to maintain a conversation.

And while bug repellant spray certainly provides a barrier of protection, odors and residue that need to be washed off at the end of the night – something that is not easy when you have four children. Hence, why am I completely intrigued by Thermacell E55 rechargeable mosquito repellentclaims to provide a 20-foot, invisible, scent-free zone of protection and silent. Read: Don’t hear “zzz” every time there is an error!

A small mosquito repellent that really works

Perfect for those who hate bugs but also hate bug spray, Thermacell E55 is a small and effective repellant that can keep you from getting bitten.

Half the size of a portable speaker, Thermacell E55 weighs just 12 ounces and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of 5.5 hours (unless you run it while charging). ) has the effect of heating and diffusing the mosquito repellent into the air. More about that repellent: Comes in a liquid can, it includes the active ingredient metofluthrin (5.5%) and contains petroleum distillate, but no DEET or lemongrass.

Which leads me to my first big question – is it safe for adults and children to sit among this active ingredient for several hours while enjoying the fresh air? “You’re going to be using this product outdoors so the likelihood of actual exposure will be pretty low,” said Elmer Gray, an entomologist at the University of Georgia. “The EPA describes metofluthrin as ‘practically non-toxic’ to humans, so yes, I would say it’s completely safe.” And if you’re wondering about pets, we understand! While metofluthrin can be toxic to pets, Gray guarantees that Thermacell is safe to use around your furry friends, when used correctly and according to instructions. “In fact [Thermacells] EPA-approved tells you pretty much everything you need to know,” he said. “Entomologists find the EPA very restrictive today, so having them approve something tells you that when used correctly, with a very wide margin of safety, it is accept.”

Next: Do DEET-free products really work? The answer is a resounding “yes” according to the experts I spoke with. “The active ingredient, metofluthrin, is an effective space mosquito repellent,” said Dr. Eva Buckner, assistant professor and expert in medical entomology at the University of Florida. “[That said]Space repellents are most effective in low wind situations, which will allow the repellent to stay in the air around people. ”

Thermacell E55 . Mosquito Repellent

Gray added, “A light breeze will move water vapor towards the downwind, making the protected area more oval than circular. I find [Thermacell’s] estimating a 20-foot protected area is pretty ambitious – I’d still be within 5 or 6 feet of the device if the mosquito population is large.”

With all that in mind, I tested the Thermacell E55 in my always-faulty backyard four times over the course of two months, at variable intervals of one to three hours and with groups of two to eight people. . Here’s what I found.

Gone are the days when you used to sit outside between the bright lights of neon lights and the constant “snap” sounds coming from your huge family mower. The Thermacell E55’s modern-day alternative is exactly the opposite – compact in size, the unit is also truly silent, delivering invisible and scent-free steam into the air. To the point where I’ve said to myself over and over, “Does this work?” (Fortunately, four small lights indicate that it is on and running.)

I also tested the product inside for about 10 minutes (don’t try this at home, kids!) to see if there really was no scent or sound coming out, and alas, that claim is complete. fully suitable. However, I could see a small stream of steam coming out of the propeller cap, which was easier to shoot indoors without any breeze to melt it.

In terms of setup, the process is very easy and can be done in seconds, not minutes. Once charged, simply take the device outdoors, install the liquid cartridge, remove the cover, place the top of the reseller, and press the power button. Next, you place the E55 in the spot where you intend to hang out for about 15 minutes before entering the bug-free zone, after which the area will be saturated with insect repellent. Note: The reseller also takes a few minutes to warm up, indicated by a chasing light around the power button, which will become static when it’s ready to go.

Super portable – once my team moved outdoors and Thermacell E55 went with us – the device is small enough to easily slip into a backpack or purse, great for travel (and camp!) also. And aesthetically, it’s sleek and small enough that it won’t look out of place in your outdoor space.

Thermacell E55 . Mosquito Repellent

I’m not mad at that $40 price either. The E55 is cheap enough for me to consider buying two, to create a larger overlap or to have two protected spaces in separate areas of my yard. It also comes with a two-year warranty that can be upgraded to three years if you choose to subscribe to the product, which gives me peace of mind.

However, the biggest selling point for me is the efficiency of the E55. I have to say it works incredibly well every time we use it. While some of us did hear a buzzing (maybe it was a PTSD mosquito buzz?!), and there were a few times when we had to ward off bugs from food contact, meaning no one. in we have. The result is a bite when we were about 10 to 15 feet away from Thermacell E55.

The tricky thing about this device for me is that my kids are constantly on the go and are provided with a 20-foot protection zone, which means they can’t go far without being once again vulnerable to mosquito attacks. Meaning, if you really want this to work, you need to stay the same!

While I’ve also seen some complaints online about the battery life of previous Thermacell iterations, I’ve had no issues in this department. Whether I used it for an hour or three, my E55 was up and running the whole time. What bothers me, however, is that the E55 doesn’t include a wall adapter. I know, I know, this is not uncommon with today’s tech devices, but with the increasing number of products in my home that need to be charged frequently, I really appreciate when a The brand includes an adapter, which saves me from having to use a hunt.

Another downside for me is that this is a product you have to keep investing in – the refills won’t magically come to your house and pay for themselves! REI is currently for sale a pack of two refills in 36 hours for $24.93, which is sure to last you a long time, but also an additional cost on top of the $40 you spent. The refill time is accurate – my 12-hour cartridge lasted exactly that long.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bug spray is to limit my existence. The smell is extremely unpleasant and their stickiness often makes me feel itchy and have a headache.

In terms of other common repellents, tiki candles and torches can get the job done, but their flare-ups are a frequent source of stress, especially when kids run around. And as I mentioned before, this is light years more advanced than your grandma’s buggy zappers.

If you are looking for a more expansive waterproofing solution that can cover a much larger area, consider Thermacell’s LIV smart waterproofing system ($699 to $899), a DIY solution that connects multiple repellers located in your outdoor area to an app that can activate heat-activated thrusters on demand.

The Thermacell E55 is too good to be true. Sure, it has a lot of shiny selling points. Hand? Test. Silent? Test. Invisible and odorless? Check and test. And it’s affordable (-ish, when you consider the chargers you’ll eventually have to buy) and sleek enough that most people would assume it’s a Bluetooth speaker.

But what ultimately makes it worth buying is that it works to keep mosquitoes out of the area you’re sitting in and won’t bite you – as long as you stay in that confined space for the length of time. Summer may be over in a few weeks, but temperatures won’t drop this fall, so trust me, the E55 is well worth the investment.

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