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Heroes come in many different forms, and role-playing is not an easy decision. Sometimes it is done out of necessity, while other times it concerns one’s honor and dignity. In some cases, even greed and ostentation fuel these desires. Whatever the reason, it takes confidence and courage to take the cover, and sometimes finding those attributes is what makes a hero’s journey so enjoyable.

Frey Holland, voiced by actress Ella Balinska (Charlie’s Angels), is the protagonist of Forspoken. For the most part, Frey is an ordinary young woman, but when mysteriously transported from her New York home to the magical land of Athia, she must dig deep to find not only herself but the strength to save the world. this world of suffering. from the Break – an evil mist of mystery that has corrupted people, animals, and the land. For our recent cover story, we chatted with Luminous Productions about how Frey came to life and how she’s not your typical textbook hero. Read moreEarn more on what to expect when you slip your feet into her shoes.

Difficulties ahead

Difficulties ahead

When Luminous Productions started creating the main character for Forspoken, the screenwriters were tasked with creating a flawed and believable character — one that felt very human. “When we met [Frey], she is not benevolent and worried about others,” says writer Allison Rymer. “She was knocked down in every way and barely scratched. We can join her on her path of self-discovery. ”

Frey spent her early years in the foster care system and had to grow up quickly, making a living in New York City. When we were introduced to her, she was at a really low point in her life and felt very lonely, with only her cat, Homer, by her side for company. Writer Todd Stashwick said: “Growing up in Hell’s Kitchen was tough. “She feels like she has no one to back her up. She was tough and ran as fast as she could in New York, for her and Homer’s sake. ”

The scars of her past have yet to fade, and Rymer says her story plays an important part in her identity. “For Frey, growing up in the foster system wasn’t a bad thing, but it did leave her with a low sense of self-worth and a strong desire to fit in and have a family – something she does. He hasn’t found it yet,” she said.

With no one to turn her back on but Homer, Frey won’t make the best decisions of her life; The trailer hinted she might be on her way to prison. Like any human being, she is sharing her mistakes, and many times you won’t see her say or do the right thing. “She was a good person, but in these desperate times she put herself in a bad place,” explains Stashwick. “She may have reached a point of no return, physically and emotionally. Frey, at this breaking point, put herself to the “challenge” internally, self-assessing her life and direction. We extend that metaphor into her story and external situations. In order for the hero to rise, she needs to start somewhere less heroic.”

Entering Illusion

Entering Illusion

At the very least, Frey just wants to get away from her current life, but Rymer reminds us, “as the old adage goes, be careful what you want.” Before long, she is transported to magical and medieval Athia, where she is imbued with magical powers, confronting evil witches and dragons. She is also unaffected by Break’s corruption, which she will discover the reason for as she continues her journey. However, it gives her a special advantage in saving this world, but she doesn’t quickly jump on board with help. Similar to Dorothy in Wizard of OzShe just wanted to go home.

Stashwick calls it the “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” type of story. But even with such a dramatic change of scenery and a lot of turmoil distracting her, Frey still can’t escape her problems when she leaves New York. Stashwick shows the clash between Frey’s grounded, modern sensibilities and Athia’s fantasy world in particular. “Frey’s feelings of abandonment and insecurity followed her from New York to Athia,” he said. “So even though there are landscapes of wonder, magic and dragons, she is handling and dealing with it with all her personal problems. She is adapting to a new reality and enhanced possibilities. ”

Frey may have the power to use magic, but she’s not sure she’s ready to shoulder the fate of the world on her shoulders. No one sticks their neck out for her, so why should she dance to help a group of people she knows nothing about? While there’s something appealing about Athia’s beauty, it’s also downright dangerous and dark, adding to her uncertainty and desire to leave.

She is also sensing things to a much more amplified level in this foreign land. “Athia is also a very ‘well-founded’ fantasy world,” says Stashwick. “The extreme conditions, the human drama, and the problems are just as real as they are in New York, even as the episodes are enhanced. The stakes are now for Frey not just her own problem. It is life or death for a lot of people.”

The hero we had

The hero we had

Much of the journey will be Frey becoming a hero and overcoming her own demons. “Frey wasn’t quite fit to be Athia’s knight in shining armor in the first place,” said Rymer. “For starters, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do the job or even had the ability to do it. Second, there are some Athians who would agree with her. But when she gets to know some of the people there, she realizes that they can be well worth the fight. And with her strength, she may be their only hope.”

With a lot of weight on her shoulders, Frey will try to accomplish in any way she can, and humor is often her weapon against the colossal predicament. Both Stashwick and Rymer see humor as how people often deal with situations as a way to avoid pain. For them, it feels genuine to deliver quips to Frey as she scrambles for the top moments of the world. Stashwick further explains: “In order to realistically portray a modern woman who has found herself in such an absurd situation, it is only natural that some of her reactions would turn out to be humorous. “Self-consciously avoiding anything funny would be a disadvantage.”

Rymer is quick to add that while Frey’s humor is one of her weapons against Athia’s darkest days, she can’t use it against everything, and it certainly will. did not save Athia from danger. “It’s like armor. Humor protects her – keeps her safe from unpleasant emotions. Like they give it back immediately. But yes, when — come true… Frey’s weapon becomes useless. A joke or two can’t protect her anymore – she has to confront what’s going on, and it’s not going to be easy.”

Frey will face adversity from some unexpected places. As for her conflicts, Stashwick teases: “A gang in hell’s kitchen. New York legal system. Council of Athia. The evil Tantas. Her own confidence. Strange beasts and a dragon. ”

“Frey will also face xenophobia,” added Rymer. “She is someone outside of Athia. Some will welcome her, but others, who feel threatened by her, will not. Frey will also struggle with her own insecurities. She tends to build walls and push people away. ”

Facing reality

Facing reality

In Forspoken, fantasy and reality clash, because they have to, for Frey to be the woman she needs to be in her life. While performing massive magic attacks and jumping through a fairy tale-like world should be a lot of excitement, there’s something to be said about watching a character become a different version of the original. themselves.

In our interviews with the writers, it became clear that they were trying really hard to say something about the human condition. As Rymer says, “Through Frey’s eyes, we wanted to tell a story about humanity. How even in the bleakest of times, there can still be hope and kindness. And sometimes it takes a little help to see that – sometimes you’re thrown into a strange new world.”

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